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Dean of Student Affairs

Dean of Student Affairs

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Tel : 886-7-5919050 Ext:8300


E-mail :cds99588@nuk.edu.tw 


Welcome to National University of Kaohsiung(NUK)! Located in Kaohsiung, NUK is one of the most selective universities in southern Taiwan. With cutting-edge research, world-class faculty and a hard-working student body, NUK continues to provide solutions to 21st-century challenges. Outside the classroom, you will broaden your horizons as you discover the abundant extracurricular activities and diverse cultures of the world through your fellow classmates, who come from a variety of backgrounds and represent over the other countries.


Student Affairs is a diverse organization of professionals who are dedicated to the social, psychological, ethical and cognitive development and well being of all NUK students and to the direct support of faculty in pursuit of the university’s educational and research mission. We encompass a broad range of services and programs and includes the following sections:

At NUK, you’ll be encouraged to explore your interests and to discover new ones through a holistic approach to your education, within this vital and engaging living and learning community. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at  886-7-5919050 ext8300 or emailshutzu@nuk.edu.tw

  • Student Life Office with responsibility for judicial affairs, career development, campus safety, dormitory affairs, military service, financial aid.

  • Student Activities with responsibility for Management of student clubs and the extracurricular activities.

  • Overseas Chinese and International Student Counseling Office with responsibility for assisting overseas compatriot student and International  student in all aspects.

    • Health Center with responsibility for medical services and health promotion services.

    • Student Counseling Office with responsibility for career development and counseling and psychological services (CAPS).

    • Career Services with responsibility for individual competitiveness analysis, job market analysis, career counseling and providing employment information.

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