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Student Counseling

Counseling Service System


Individual Counseling


Professional counselors help clients to explore the self, resolving their difficulties and questions.



Mental Health Activities


We would hold different topics of lectures, seminars, and information to help students to develop the healthier bodies and minds.



Welcome New Students Service


˙Freshman psychological test


˙Freshman learning camping


˙The seminar of the leaders of freshman



Psychological Groups and Workshops


We offer a variety of psychological groups and workshops to help students to learn more about themselves and others.



Psychological Testing


The Counseling Center utilizes a number of inventories providing students with objective information to understand one’s personality and to apply to the career decision-making process. Through interpretation of assessment results students develop an understanding of what they like to do and their important values and abilities. Psychological testing at the Center are administered and interpreted by qualified counselors.



Mental Health Week


Each spring semester, the Counseling Center proudly sponsors the Awareness Week offers ways of psychological programs designed to educate, teach new skills, and promote the emotional well being of the University community.



Mental Health Information


Variety of books, magazines, videotapes, cassettes, etc.






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