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Career Services

Welcome to University Career Services

University Career Services (UCS) offers a variety of programs and information to facilitate the development of students on their career path. As a University of Kaohsiung student considering how your education and experience relates to your future, UCS has organized our services around the needs during your college life by three stages:


  • For freshman and sophomore students:

At the first two years of college, UCS will assist students to assess your personality and professional training through a career assessment tool “Career & Competency Assessment Network “. This process aims to explore careers that might be a good fit for you and prepare students with greater knowledge about the skills needed for a specific type of job so that you can have a clear perspective of what to study & improve during the college.

  • For junior and senior students:

Right before you step into the society, UCS will prepare you on the basic skills for finding a job and surviving a job. Workshops are offered throughout the year regarding the resume writing, interview skills, civic service examinations, study abroad programs, advanced education, ethics or gender equality issues on the working places, and more. In addition, jobs posting and career affairs are updated immediately on our website to facilitate your job searching.

  • For alumni:

Once a student of NUK, always a member of NUK. Alumni are important supports for the school to develop and to leap forward. UCS has worked closely with the NUK Alumni Association to establish the linkages between all the alumni and the school. An alumnus ID card will allow you to enjoy school services with greater accessibility. In addition, alumni gatherings are held periodically along with the alumni newsletter to connect you with the latest news on campus.



This is just a brief description of what we have offered. The most importantly, we encourage you to call us, visit us, come to our programs, and meet with our experienced staff.


We look forward to seeing you here.

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